Family Happiness and Well-Being Campaign

 July 10, 2020
Family Happiness and Well-Being Campaign
The All-China Women's Federation holds a meeting in Beijing on May 15, 2019, to launch the Family Happiness and Well-Being Campaign and announce the 2019 most beautiful families in China. [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]


Launched by the All-China Women's Federation in 2019, the Family Happiness and Well-being Campaign is designed to facilitate the women's federations to achieve fruitful results of family work by 2023, including guiding the whole society to pay more attention to family building, further promoting the new social norm of socialist family civilization, and contributing to the improvement of laws and policies on family education.

It will help outline a family education guidance service system that meets the needs of parents and children and facilitates urban and rural development. It will also help improve the women's federations' services in women's housekeeping, health, marriage and family, as well as amplify the scale and social benefits of public welfare projects focusing on families. A number of valuable theoretical and practical research results on family issues are expected to be achieved, laying a theoretical foundation for promoting family building and formulating favorable public policies on families.

Four actions will be implemented according to the campaign's plan, namely building good family culture, supporting family education, improving family services and deepening research on family issues.

With regard to the action of building good family culture, six specific measures will be taken: further promoting the Looking for the Most Beautiful Family campaign, launching the Green Families campaign, initiating a publicity event of family traditions and education in an innovative way, developing brand events and a series of cultural products for promoting family traditions and education, and setting up training bases on family traditions and education.

For the action of supporting family education, women's federations will improve laws and policies on family education, implement the Parents' Development Plan, set up multi-type parents' schools and develop a stronger working team for providing guidance on family education.

For the action of improving family services, women's federations will optimize women's housekeeping and health services, improve the marriage and family services, and implement public welfare projects focusing on families.

As for the action of deepening research on family issues, research centers and think tanks on family building will be set up. Women's federations will facilitate the application of research results and set up big data on families in the new era.


(Women of China)


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